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The PMG Group is a sole proprietorship marketing consultancy based in Wichita , KS . Founded and led by Ross A. Haskell, the practice offers executive-level leadership in several key areas:

Impactful copywriting for press releases, whitepapers, datasheets, blogs, and newsletters.

Effective internet marketing including pay-per-click set up, management, and re-tooling.

Business plan construction with robustly researched financial modeling.
Brand strategy and messaging.

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1.Senior level talent for a fraction of the     cost.
2.100% deadline guarantee.
The PMG Group is a part-time consulting venture focused on limited term retainer or short time horizon projects. The PMG Group always meets deadlines and your project is protected under the 100% deadline guarantee. If the deadline isn't met to your satisfaction, the project is free.
Ross A. Haskell is a marketing executive with more than 15 years of experience across myriad industries including consumer packaged goods, software, consumer services, and more.
Resume includes a complete work history, publication list, and detailed contact information
Mr. Haskell's career has allowed him to build an extensive network of professionals with complementary talents. Should your project require it, Ross can bring experts to the table.
Graphic design

Web design

Flash Development
Media Training / Outreach


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