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The PMG Group is superlatively skilled in the internet marketing area due to vast experience through both full time employment and multiple project engagements.

The truth is this: much of Internet marketing is, in fact, new. But, much of it isn't. Internet tactics haven't changed the principles of good marketing strategy it's simply a new set of tools for its execution.

Pay per Click Search Engine Marketing
Very few marketing tactics are as adept at demonstrating acquisition cost of new customers as PPC. What about The PMG Group's PPC management style is different than the rest?
Every campaign is managed by hand no formulaic rubrics are employed. Every campaign is different and that is the way yours will be treated.

This means that The PMG Group's costs are not as low as many providers available. But they are not as high as many larger firms are either.

For even further cost savings, The PMG Group offers a Set-up and training option in which the campaign is fully researched and Set-up by the PMG Group and over a specified period, one-on-one training sessions help you take over the regular management of the effort.
The PMG Group, based in Wichita , KS , has geographically dispersed campaigns under management with as little as hundreds per month in click spending and as much as thousands.
For each campaign, significant improvement has been seen in every PPC metric including conversions and cost per conversion.
With The PMG Group, your campaign will receive:
Detailed research with documented structuring. (The deliverable from this stage is sufficient for you to disengage from The PMG Group and have enough information for anyone familiar with PPC interfaces to set up the campaign quickly).

Complete Set up.

Written, detailed reporting.
One-on-one consultations.
  Example PPC Report
Email Marketing and Display Advertising
What sets The PMG Group apart is the oft overlooked research required to properly target email and display advertising campaigns. Exceptional copy and exquisite design are necessary for success, but only if the right target is reading and seeing.
In a recent campaign for the new social networking website, Standard Answer, The PMG Group helped to pack the launch party venue to capacity with a combination of marketing techniques, including display advertising:
Services provided:

Messaging development.


Graphic design sourcing.

Art direction.

Outlet research and selection.

Price negotiation.


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